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  1. Correct electrode size
  2. Correct current
  3. Correct arc length or voltage
  4. Correct travel speed
  5. Correct electrode angle

Besides the steady sizzling sound that a correct arc produces the shape of the molten pool and the movement of the metal at the rear of the pool serve as a guide in checking weld quality. In a correctly made deposit the ripples produced on the bead will be uniform and the bead will be smooth no overlaps or undercuts.

    The correct choice of electrode size involves consideration of a variety of factors, such as the type, position, preparation of the joint, the ability of the electrode to carry high current values without injury to the weld metal or loss of deposition efficiency, the mass of work metal and its ability to maintain its original properties after welding, the characteristics of the assembly with reference to effect stresses set up by heat application, the practicability to heat treatment before and / or after welding, the specific requirement before and / or after welding, the specific requirements as to welding quality and cost of achieving the desired results.

    If current on equipment is too high or too low, you are certain to be disappointed in your weld. If too high, the electrode melts too fast and your molten pool is large and irregular, if too low, there is nor enough heat to melt the base metal and your molten pool will be small, will pile up, look irregular.

    If the arc is too long or voltage too high the metal melts off the electrode is large globules which wobble from side to side as the arc wavers, giving a wide, spattered and irregular bead-with poor fusion between original metal and deposited metal.

    If the arc is too short, or voltage too low, there is not enough heat to melt the base metal properly and the electrode quite often sticks to the work, giving a high, uneven bead, having irregular ripples with poor fusion.

    When your speed is too fast your pool does not last long enough, impurities an gas locked in. The bead in narrow and ripples pointed. When speed is too slow the metal piles up, the bead is high and wide with a rather straight ripple.

    essentials for proper welding procedure
    The electrode angle is of particular importance in fillet welding and deep groove welding. Generally speaking, when making a fillet weld, the electrode should be held so that ir bisects the angle between the plates (as shown at right) and is perpendicular to the line of weld, if under cut occurs in the verticle member, lower the angle of the arc and direct the arc toward the vertical member.
essentials for proper welding procedure



Plasma Cutting Machines

For precision cutting of Stainless steel, Aluminium and all other Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
Stainless Steel cutting upto 150 mm thick plates.

PTA Hardfacing & Cladding

(PTA) for Hardfacing / Cladding / Reclamation & Protection of Mechanical parts.

Welding Automation

Increase Productivity and    Capacity
Repeatable high quality    welds
Enhance Quality
Custom made solutions

Plasma Welding

Less sensitivity to changes in  
 Arc length.

Micro Plasma Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature    
 Controlled Arc at low currents
 Automated welding at low
 With built-in Pilot arcing     system.

Micro TIG Welding Machines

 Precision welding of     minature parts
 Ideal for smaller repair or
    Assembly work.
 Built-in high frequency     ignition.

Welding Inverters

Light weight & compact : 80% less weight compared to conventional machines.

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